House Advantage

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The house advantage is the statistical edge that a gambling operator makes on every bet made by every player. This is the way the industry (casinos, bookies, lotteries, etc) makes money. House advantage is built-into the rules and odds of every game, which is why the house always wins. For instance, on average, the house advantage on slot machines in BC is 8¢ on the dollar.

Even in skill-based gambling, such as poker, the house still makes money even though it does not compete. This is accomplished by taking a rake (a portion) of the stakes each turn. For example, for each pot won over $25, the house may take $2.

In BC, the built-in edge for all legal gambling activities is regulated. Information regarding the costs of playing is available to players and the integrity of the games and the information is upheld by law enforcement. This may not be the case with unregulated internet gambling sites or other illegal forms of gambling.