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The BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program produces a number of free resources available to the public by request.

If you would like to request a free copy or copies of any of the resources shown below, email us at

We are continually developing new resources. Make sure to check back periodically to see what else is available. If you require a type of resource that is not shown below, email us with your request.



Gam_iQ: Gambling Awareness for Secondary Schools
Gam_iQ & Teens
Older Adults
Prevention Services
Prevention Services
Responsible Gambling Tips for Aboriginals
Canadian Aboriginals
Responsible Gambling Tips for Asian Canadians
Asian Canadians
Responsible Gambling Tips for South Asian Canadians
South Asian Canadians
Gam_iQ & Young Adults
Gam_iQ & Young Adults
Consequences of Problem Gambling
Consequences of Problem Gambling
Counselling Myths & Facts
Counselling Myths & Facts
Workplace Outreach
Workplace Outreach
Information for Parents on Youth Gambling
Information for Parents on Youth Gambling
Talking to Your Kids About Gambling
Signs of Adolescent Problem Gambling
The Link Between Gaming and Gambling

Discovery Day Treatment Program


  • Parents & Kids Parents & Kids
  • Parents & Teens Parents & Teens


  • Problem Gambling Self Assessment Problem Gambling Self Assessment
  • The Gambling Questionnaire The Gambling Questionnaire



Other Resources

The BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program offers a number of branded products for various locations and events such as sticky notes, pens, fabric bags, lanyards, etc. Products may display the BC Gam Info Line and/or the website as well as Program tag lines: When a problem begins, no one wins and When Gambling isn’t fun anymore. If you are interested in learning more about our Program products, email us at

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