Older Adults

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Are you retired? Do you want to learn more about problem and responsible gambling? Do you want to become involved in raising awareness among your peers?

Many older adults participate in gambling for social and entertainment benefits, and to replace time that used to be spent at work. Casino and gaming centre environments have events and promotions geared specifically to older adults, including tours and free food and beverages. Spending time gambling alone or with friends can be an exciting way to spend a morning or afternoon but it isn’t always fun for everyone. Research suggests that older adults are the least likely to access help or know about our program’s free counselling services if they need support to deal with gambling issues. Currently the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program offers three programs to older adults (ages 55 years +):

Keepin’ It Fun is a presentation designed to help older adults learn more about ways to gamble responsibly, signs of a problem with gambling, and where to get help if a problem exists. It also uses interactive demonstrations to dispel some of the common false beliefs held about gambling.Content and duration can be tailored to the availability, interests and needs of the group.
Similar to the education and information offered to allied and community professionals, this presentation also incorporates information on some of the unique impacts experienced by older adults who develop a problem with gambling. Some of the perceived barriers older adults may have in accessing counselling as well as ways to overcome these, will also be covered in this workshop.Content and duration can be tailored to the availability, interests and needs of the group.
The Seasoned Players is a dramatic awareness initiative for older adults. A group of older adult volunteers are trained, write and act in two short plays – one focused on responsible gambling and ways to keep gambling safe; the other on problem gambling and where to get help if a problem is suspected.Plays are performed in malls, senior and recreation centres.



For more information, contact the BC Problem Gambling Help Line at 1.888.795.6111 (24hrs) to be connected to a Prevention Specialist in your area or email us at info@bcresponsiblegambling.ca.