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The most recent BC Gambling Prevalence Study shows 18-24 year olds are more at risk of developing problems with gambling than older adults. Approximately 19% of 18-24 year olds agreed with the statement: “After losing many times in a row, you are more likely to win.” This false belief about how gambling works is one of several common myths accepted as fact by young adults. Reaching this demographic with prevention and education services is very important as false beliefs can lead to problematic gambling behaviours.


A number of presentations and initiatives are available for young adults 18+. All initiatives are designed to raise awareness of:

  • the risks involved in gambling
  • strategies on responsible gambling
  • the signs of a problem with gambling
  • where to get help if a problem is suspected

From lecture or forum-style presentations in classrooms, to awareness booths with interactive games, the goal is to educate this high-risk population so that they can make informed decisions about gambling.

For more information email us at or phone the Gambling Support Line at 1.888.795.6111 to get connected to the Prevention Specialist in your area.

How Much is Too Much? (Class presentation)

This lecture-style presentation is targeted to college and university students studying a helping profession such as social work, nursing, residential care, law enforcement, medicine, and counselling. Content is designed to raise student awareness in the context of future professional work with people struggling with their own or a loved one’s problem gambling.

Gam_iQ (Campus Awareness Initiative)


Gam_iQ Brochure

Gam_iQ is a fun, engaging program for post-secondary students designed to raise awareness about the risks associated with gambling. It is delivered by a Prevention Specialist, using an interactive booth and trained student volunteers.

Students visit the Gam_iQ booth which is set up in a high traffic area on campus, usually for 2-3 days. At the booth, students can take a short, 5-question quiz using an iPad application that teaches and reinforces Program messages.

Participants receive take-away information and are eligible to receive various student incentives including a gift certificate to the campus bookstore or cafeteria and a different give-away each day.

Download the PDF brochure