Allied Professionals

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Allied and community professionals are crucial partners in raising awareness about the Program & Services offered for free to British Columbians.

Providing education and training to allied and community professionals is an important part of our Program’s goals. Clients or patients cared for by allied and community professionals may benefit from a shared care model; allied professionals may benefit from being more knowledgeable about issues and risks associated with problem gambling.

Allied professionals that have benefited from our training to date include: bankruptcy trustees and other financial professionals, teachers, EAP programs, mental health and addictions counselors, health care professionals, psychologists, social workers, probations officers, counselors, and other helping professions.

The key objectives for these presentations are to assist community professionals to:

  • assess the difference between responsible gambling and problem gambling using the Gambling Continuum with their clients;
  • notice signs of a problem with gambling and screen for this issue with their clients; and
  • have a better understanding of the impact gambling has on the individual, family and community and to understand the referral process to our Program.

Training and education is tailored to the group and to the amount of time available. Presentations run from 45 minutes up to 7 hours. Certificates of attendance are available for the 5 and 7-hour versions.

For more information email us at or phone the Problem Gambling Help Line at 1.888.795.6111 to get connected to the Prevention Specialist in your area.