Voluntary Self Exclusion Program (VSE)

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Do you find yourself gambling too much?  Has gambling stopped being a game?  The Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program can be a valuable tool to help you gain control of your gambling.

What is VSE?

The Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) Program enables you to voluntarily exclude yourself from all facilities with slot machines, commercial bingo halls, or from accessing BCLC’s online gambling site, PlayNow.com, for a predetermined amount of time.  If you exclude from a gambling facility, you will automatically be excluded from PlayNow.com for the same period of time.

You have to sign yourself up; another person cannot enrol you on your behalf.  You can select an exclusion period of 6 months, 1, 2, or 3 years.

Signing up for VSE…

When you sign up to be excluded from gaming venues you’ll be asked for identification and you’ll have your photo taken by a casino security manager.  The reason for this is so that BCLC and gaming venues can support you in upholding your decision to exclude.  If you return to a gaming venue during your exclusion and are recognized, you will be asked to leave.  If you happen to play and win before you are recognized at a venue, you will not be able to keep the winnings and you will be asked to leave.

To enrol for VSE through your PlayNow.com account, login to your account and access “Self-Exclusion” from within the “My Account” section.  The screens will guide you through the process of completing your self-exclusion.

To enrol for VSE without having to go to a gaming facility, contact BCLC Consumer Services at 1.866.815.0222. You can enrol in person at a BC Lottery Corporation office in Kamloops or Richmond, or a BC Lottery Corporation staff person will arrange to meet you in your community to enrol you in the VSE Program.

Support to Sign up for VSE…

Many people prefer to have extra support when enrolling in the VSE Program.  If you would like support during this process, you can have a friend or family member, a GameSense Advisor, or your counsellor join you.  GameSense Advisors work for the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program and they are available to provide you with information and assistance.  If you aren’t sure how to arrange to have a GameSense Advisor present during your VSE enrolment, send us an email and we’ll help to set that up at a time and location that works for you.

Support to help manage your gambling…

Remember, any time before, during or after your VSE term you can access free support and treatment services through the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program.  Call the BC Problem Gambling Help Line at 1.888.795.6111 (24hrs) to be connected to free, confidential, multilingual support services.

Continuing your VSE…

If you wish to renew your exclusion, you can do so by a variety of ways tailored to support you in your decision to remain excluded.

  • You can renew in person at any gaming facility in BC
  • You can send an email to selfexclusion@bclc.com
  • You can send a letter by mail to:

    BC Lottery Corporation
    Manager, Casino Security and Surveillance
    74 W. Seymour Street
    Kamloops, BC  V2C 1E2

Be sure to include the length of time you wish to be excluded. You will be contacted
by BCLC who will arrange, at your convenience, to have the proper documentation completed.

It is your choice…

The VSE Program is designed to support you in your choice to take a break from gambling.  It is your choice to sign up and it is your choice to abide by the Program.

Want to know more about VSE?

For more information about the VSE Program, visit GameSense.ca or download
the BCLC VSE Program brochure.